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The dangers of a dirty grill go far exceed a heightened exposure to carcinogens. Having been in the business since 2015, we've seen everything from corrosion and caked on buildup to rodent droppings and even greasy burner knobs coated with sludge. You'd be surprised just how filthy grill components besides grilling plates can get.


Stop fussing with scrubbers, brillo brushes, grate rakes and other grill cleaning tools that may be doing more harm than good. Equipped with the finest gear and backed by experience, we here at Renew BBQ Cleaning offer professional grill cleaning services to Long Island locals looking for an easy and efficient solution.

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Grill Cleaning Service


We go further than any other regional grill cleaning company in order to facilitate a close relationship of trust between us and our clients. You can count on us to get your grill in tiptop shape without the use of harsh chemicals or treatments. The proprietary formulas we use to deep clean grills are all environmentally-friendly, allowing us to provide the fast cleaning results of chemical cleansers without posing harm to our eco-systems. That's right. We proudly use guilt-free cleaning products so you can choose Renew with peace of mind.

There isn't a spot left untouched when we're done. Bob, our master grill cleaner, diligently removes key components of the grills he's cleaning in order to degrease and clean beyond what meets the eye. He'll have you and your family grilling safe all summer long. After all, they say the cornerstone of a fun gathering is a backyard cookout enjoyed by the ones you love most. Think of all the barbecues you could host!

We deep-clean you barbeque grill with clean, eco-friendly products.


Operated by a husband and wife duo juggling the work life balance, Renew BBQ Cleaning puts family at the center of everything. We wish nothing more than to celebrate what brings us together. That's why once we meet you, we consider you part of our crew. Knowing local businesses rely on word of mouth referrals, we recently established an awesome referral company that has helped us grow a community of grill enthusiasts who live on and near Long Island, New York.


We invite you to discover the benefits of a squeaky clean BBQ grill. Not only does a clean grill enhance the flavor of foods. Regular cleanings also extend the life of your barbecue grill or smoker. Don't leave the gunk to settle after a cookout. Call us to clean that grubby grill of yours! It doesn't matter how soiled or gooey it is. We've got what it takes to get your grill so clean you can eat right off of it.

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